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Our Commitment to Safe Care

We offer a service to our clients of excellence, dedication and warmth, with the best human and professional team, with state-of-the-art technology.

We seek to offer realistic and safe alternatives to all our patients to help them get closer to their ideal of beauty.

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“For us the fundamental thing is your safety, making the decision to carry out a physical change requires a responsible study, based on an ethical medical criterion that allows to minimize the risk”
Manuel Peralta
Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon
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How we pursue perfection

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Our commitment to excellence and special treatment involves us at the level of always being with the latest technologies, techniques, protocols and products.

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All our interventions are oriented to provide the patient with an experience of maximum safety and quality, both in the surgical area and in the hospitalization area.

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Continuous surgical update.

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Certified Plastic Surgeon with a first class team

We provide our patients with professionalism, safety, comfort, medical and technological support.


feeling better shouldn't have to wait

Naturalness is the key to elegance. Because we know that each patient is different, we individualize her procedure and accompany her throughout her recovery.

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is a medical specialty, and as such any action that is carried out must be considered. This means that in any intervention the risks must be minimized, providing the patient with the maximum possible safety and information both at the level of the technique to be used and the environment in which it is performed.

Our patients are informed in detail, in a complete and honest way of the peculiarities of their intervention in order to be able to make decisions autonomously and responsibly.

In the first visit we want to know in detail your needs and what aspects or aspects you want to improve your appearance.

It is important that you fully explain your concerns, wishes, and expectations for the outcome. It is important to know your previous complete medical and surgical history so the Doctor will ask you about your history and any health problems, habits or medications you take.

After the history and examination are complete, we will carefully review the procedure, or combination of procedures, that best suits your problems, always maintaining a realistic expectation. The techniques and type of anesthesia to be used, where the surgery will be performed, and the risks will be explained to you. In addition, you will usually be shown results from similar cases.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, especially those related to your expectations and results.


To complete this phase, Doctor Peralta will ask you to perform some medical tests in order to ensure that you are in optimal health conditions to undergo surgery.

Generally, we will require an analysis, a coagulation study and an electrocardiogram to be performed. Occasionally, a chest X-ray will be necessary (especially in those over 45 years of age, smokers, or previous lung disease).

If your intervention requires general or regional anesthesia or sedation, it will be essential for our anesthetist to carry out a complete study, explain what the anesthesia will consist of and give you the informed consents.

Each surgical intervention is different, so do not hesitate to contact us to request more information about the surgery that interests you.

All surgical interventions will be carried out in the operating room and always in a hospital with the necessary resources to comply with all the guarantees of safety, hygiene and quality.


The postoperative phase is as important as the intervention itself, as you must follow our instructions to achieve adequate healing and reduce the discomfort of the surgery.

Doctor Peralta and his team will visit you before discharge. They will answer all your doubts and clearly indicate the guidelines that you must follow carefully to achieve a quick recovery as well as the time in which you can return to your daily, work and sports activity.

In any case, if you have any further questions, do not worry, because both in the revisions and through an urgent contact telephone that we will provide, we will be happy to solve them.


Once the doctor has determined that performing a plastic surgery intervention is a good option, he will recommend the best technique and explain what the pros and cons are compared to other procedures.

The patient must know what the objective of each surgery is, its advantages and its limitations in terms of results.

For example, in the case of a Breast Augmentation the doctor could recommend a Lipofilling, transferring excess fat from some part of the body to put it on the chest and thus increase the volume. But, perhaps, the recommendation will be a prosthesis, since this will achieve the objective of the patient.

You should always listen to the advice of the plastic surgeon, since it is who knows what technique to use to achieve the results you want. Not everyone needs the same procedures to achieve the same results.


We have to bear in mind that we are talking about surgery and not everyone reacts the same to anesthesia, heals in the same way, starts from the same physical basis therefore, the results we expect are always indicative.

The doctor will be totally honest with you and will inform you of the expected results so that you can understand it perfectly.

Our consultants always provide a final closed price with EVERYTHING included, without surprises!

In addition, we will inform you of the payment conditions clearly from the beginning.

If this does not solve your frequently asked questions before undergoing Plastic Surgery, contact us.

The result will vary depending on the type of intervention we perform. When the changes are structural, the results will be totally permanent. An example would be a breast augmentation or rhinoplasty.

On the contrary, if we undergo surgery such as abdominoplasty or liposuction, nothing assures us that it will be 100% permanent. It will depend a lot on the lifestyle of the patient and whether he takes care of himself or not. If after the operation you return to a sedentary life, with a diet rich in fats and sugars, the fat will accumulate again in the same area from where it was eliminated.

From the age of majority you can have the intervention you want.

Normally from the age of 20, breast augmentation is one of the most requested operations, since from the age of 18 the growth is finished and interventions can be carried out to reshape the breast. Rhinoplasty is another of the most requested surgeries among the younger public as patients want to improve their face and end the complex as soon as possible.

Between 40 and 55 years old, other types of surgeries can be used, such as facial surgeries such as blepharoplasty or body surgeries such as liposuction or brachial dermolipectomy, since at a certain age the face begins to age and the body to accumulate fat.

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