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Wilfredo García Reyes Encarnación Street, # 5 (1,796.84 km) 11098 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery
A Breast Augmentation will make you regain confidence in yourself.
Augmentation Mammoplasty
Surgical procedure that seeks to increase breast volume by placing silicone breast implants.
Tuberous breasts
In general, it is characterized by an alteration in the development of the gland due to the fact that the supporting ligaments of the mammary gland (Cooper's system) are stronger than normal.
breast reduction
Surgical procedure that seeks to reduce breast volume in those patients whose breast size distress and even affects the back.
Breast Reconstruction
It is a surgery that is performed to try to restore the shape, size, naturalness of the breast that has undergone rescue surgery in a patient with breast cancer
Breast Lifting or Mastopexia
Surgical procedure that seeks to return the patient to the natural height of her breasts, after pregnancy, weight changes, etc.
Jason Bourne
Central Drug Research Institute,Lucknow
inverted nipple correction
Surgery to try to correct those cases in which the nipple is sunken or hidden.

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